Version 1.4.3

Smoke Point has been updated to v1.4.3. It includes a some feature requests, progress on improving the confidence of the triangulation algorithm (more below), and a number of bug fixes.

🗺️ Navigate to triangulated position

When a triangulated position has been calculated, you can get turn-by-turn directions in Apple Maps or Google Maps with the click of a button.

Tap on the triangulated location pop-out in the bottom left corner of the map screen:

Then tap on “Navigate in Maps”:

🧭 Improve reading and triangulation accuracy

As part of an upcoming significant improvement to the Smoke Point triangulation algorithm, v1.4.3 includes some features that don’t change the behavior of the algorithm yet, but are important on the path there.

The new algorithm requires having an accurate, based-on-real-data, number for phone compass errors under various conditions. “Phone compass error” means that your phone could be pointing due east (90°) but it reports that you are pointing at 80°. It is pretty easy to avoid, if you follow the steps to avoid interference.

To collect the data, the app now asks you several questions after you take a reading, so that we see real-world examples of compass error in these exact conditions. The information we collect will be used as input for the new algorithm.

Here’s a preview of what the new version’s triangulation looks like:

Notice how the target estimate point is surrounded by 3 concentric “circles”. These circles represent the algorithm’s confidence about where the fire is: it’s 66% sure it’s in the smallest circle, 95% sure it’s in the next-largest, and 99% sure it’s in the largest of the 3.

📱 Other improvements

  • Alert Wildfire camera “view sheds” (aka Field of View) are now shown on the map.
  • Public reading lines on map are shortened to reduce clutter.
  • A banner is shown when someone joins your incident.
  • Crosshairs can be toggled on/off when looking at a reading image.
  • It takes less time to display reading images.
  • You can now re-watch the compass calibration guide from the Settings page.

🪰 Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some phone models would fail to capture images from the camera.
  • Fixed an issue where an error banner disappeared too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue with links in the Settings page.

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