Version 2.0: ///what3words, Alert Wildfire and UI update

Hello! Version 2.0 just hit the Apple and Play Stores. It has dark mode!

More importantly, this update introduces ///what3words and greatly improves the Alert Wildfire camera experience.

what3words is a geocoding system that uses three unique words to encode every location on earth to within 3 meters. For example, the location ///clip.apples.leap is 40.712875° latitude, -74.006102° longitude.

This geocoding system is being used more and more in public safety. It’s easier to speak three words over the radio or phone than it is to recite the numbers in a latitude and longitude.

Smoke Point can now display locations using what3words, even while offline.

Alert Wildfire integration

The Alert Wildfire camera network contains high quality cameras all over the western United States. So what’s new?

You can quickly see the latest images for nearby cameras by tapping the “Cameras” button on the bottom navigation bar.

Similarly, to see cameras near any location on the map, simply long-press on that location.

When you don’t know what camera might have your reported smoke in view, this is a great way to get a lot of information in a very short amount of time.

Tap on any camera image to use the familiar UI to target the smoke and create a reading.

UI update

Upon launching the app, you’ll land at the map view. On the bottom bar are new buttons. From left:

  1. History: shows you the past incidents you have created or opened.
  2. Readings: when an incident is loaded, shows the readings that are part of this incident.
  3. Nearby: shows the last 30 days of nearby public readings, and highlights those within a configurable window of time and distance.
  4. Cameras: as described above, this button shows you the closest Alert Wildfire cameras.

The “Map layers” button has been removed and its controls have been folded into the “Nearby” and “Cameras” displays.

There are other improvements distributed throughout the app. Go explore!

As always, please send feedback to Let us know what you think and what you want to see in the future.

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