Version 2.2 adds push notifications

Fire season has ended for much of CA. I’m grateful for the break and the chance to enjoy some more time with family and friends.

As one would expect with fewer fires, Smoke Point usage has tapered off as well.

Smoke Point usage over the last 12 months. Smoke Point initially launched in March 2021.

For when next fire season kicks off, users of Smoke Point are now able to opt into receiving push notifications of new public readings within a set radius of their location. To turn this feature on, tap on the “Nearby” tab within the app and then tap the “Notifications” toggle switch.

With push notifications turned on, the map will display the area within which new readings will result in a notification being sent to your device. Specifically, any other user of Smoke Point who creates a new public reading within this radius will trigger an alert on your device.

The map overview shows the area within which new readings result in a push notification to your device. The radius can be adjusted from the “Nearby” tab once notifications are turned on.

As always, please send any feedback to Happy holidays.

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