Case Study: Phleger Estate

Many lessons learned on this one. Short version: one of the two AlertWildfire camera readings was off by about 2°: the camera was not centered or zoomed in on the target. Had it been accurate, first-arriving crews would have been on the correct trail. Since they weren’t, one engine company was on the wrong trail.Continue reading “Case Study: Phleger Estate”

Case Study: the public joins in!

Dispatch: Smoke investigation, 9000 Portola State Park Rd, La Honda, CA, April 1, 2021 A member of the public called 911 on a smoke plume visible from their home on Burns Valley Road. It was already late (quickly approaching dusk). The dispatch location was given as 9000 Portola State Park Rd in La Honda. ThisContinue reading “Case Study: the public joins in!”